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Why We Like the Pixel 6s

August 11, 2021 - Our positive Pixel 6 stance stems across many facets, with their Tensor SOC as the core y/y improvement. Google will attempt to convince premium Android buyers they do not need the latest Qualcomm chipset. If achieved, Google will lay the foundation for future Pixel success despite a lack of global scale. Another critical improvement y/y is Google's recent messaging deals with T-Mobile and AT&T. We believe these deals will lead to much-improved carrier support. Finally, increased pricing y/y to $600 (Pixel 6) and $800 (Pixel 6 Pro) positions the devices in the sweet spot of US flagship volumes. However, Google must execute in all phases, including marketing, distribution, and device performance, to meet our ~1.0M 4Q21 device forecast. Hopefully, the sixth time will be the charm.


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