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S24 Series Stabilize

March 11, 2024 - Last month, we discussed how the initial excitement surrounding the Samsung Galaxy’s S24 AI capabilities led to strong preorders and early launch sales. However, this enthusiasm quickly waned as the AI features lost their allure due to a lack of exclusivity. Our February surveys indicate that sales reps have shifted to traditional sales points for the S24s, such as promotions, camera, and processor improvements over AI abilities. Interestingly, as we exit February, the S24+ has exceeded our expectations, likely benefiting from the S24 Ultra price increase and share gains from the underperforming Pixel 8s. As we move closer to Q2, we anticipate S24 sales will have stabilized their losses as the go-to premium Android option and are on track to end 1H24 down 5-10% y/y. 

Low-End Android Duopoly

 March 11, 2024 - As we enter tax season and the refresh window for low-end Android devices, sales of these cheaper alternatives continue to decline. This is due to years of aggressive postpaid flagship promotions and a shrinking prepaid market. Currently, Samsung and Motorola have a combined market share of over 85% of the postpaid & prepaid low-end Android market (<$600 WS). The success of smaller brands like One+, TCL, and WING has decreased significantly following the end of the 2021/22 chipset shortage. Samsung's streamlined low-end approach and Motorola's broader strategy of offering five devices ranging from the entry Play brand to more premium G Stylus has created a Samsung and Motorola low-end Android duopoly that we currently see only getting stronger.

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