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Apple Intelligence

June 11, 2024 - At WWDC, Apple unveiled innovative on-device AI capabilities that securely leverage private user data and simultaneously limit the risk of cloud-based AI services disintermediating Apple users' private data. By offering cloud Gen AI access via Siri integration, Apple can play the cloud-based AI players off one another while providing its users with a Gen AI native experience with limited brand risk. While the structure of Apple's AI implementation relieved investors, we believe more than iOS 18 innovations are needed to drive a meaningful upgrade cycle this fall. While we doubt novel Siri improvements will sway Apple's growing tech laggard base, we expect slight iPhone 16 growth y/y. However, after a year of clearly identified and incremental use cases for Apple Intelligence combined with an expected form factor change in the fall of 2025, we believe the iPhone 17 will be the heart of a meaningful upgrade cycle.

Metro Flexes New Plans

 June 11, 2024 - Metro has launched its new Metro Flex plans, imposing stricter ID requirements aimed at improving customer quality, identifying postpaid migratable subs, reducing fraud, and lowering churn. The updated Metro Flex plans introduce a $10/mo price increase with tiered free device upgrade benefits after 12, 24, or 36-month payment terms. Given prepaid customers are both price and privacy-sensitive, we believe the higher service plan prices and new ID requirements will reduce device sales by 15-25% in 2024. In the near term, Cricket is well-positioned to benefit from customer pushback, and should the plans prove successful in the long-term, Apple is best positioned as higher subsidies will drive more premium device sales.

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