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Data Walk Report

Research Reports

Our research reports focus on smartphone, tablet and wearable sell-through trends for the major mobile device manufacturers. Published five times per quarter, the Data Walk© reports offer unique, data point-rich market intelligence and analysis of short and long-term trends in the U.S. Our Wireless Walk© reports provide executive summaries of trends in Western Europe


Sell-Through Data

The Analytics Portal provides BayStreet's industry clients with a powerful dashboard to unlock deeper and faster understandings of short and long-term smartphone trends. The portal also allows premiere clients to download, at their convenience, the raw data supporting the dashboard and the Data Walk© research reports.

Analyst Access

BayStreet Research provides competitive intelligence and industry commentary through one-on-one calls, allowing clients to gain valuable insights into micro and macro trends. Our clients have direct access to Cliff Maldonado and his wealth of knowledge on U.S. and European wireless markets. For almost 15 years, Cliff has provided clients with unparalleled tactical and strategic information to which few are privy.

Smartphone OEM Share Tracker

Below is our sell-through share by smartphone OEM for the U.S. national carriers for the second quarter of 2017. The first chart is postpaid smartphone share and the second combines postpaid and prepaid for a total national carrier market share. These are high-level snapshots of our US smartphone sales database published in early July of 2017.

Postpaid Smartphone Share by Carrier 2Q17

Total Smartphone Share by Carrier 2Q17

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